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Cheryl and Jessica work together with compassion and motivation to assure their clients receive the most efficient and timely services. Balanced Books+ will go above and beyond your needs and expectations to allow you to focus on what matters most for you and your small business.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl, with over 15 years of experience, lives in the Sacramento area of California. She is married, has three highly successful daughters and four handsome grandsons. An avid dog lover, with 3 of her own and a small dog sitting business, she opens her home to other dogs to provide love and peace of mind when their owners go on vacation. Cheryl is a diligent worker, dedicated and driven with a strong passion for bookkeeping with focused specialization in payroll. She understands the importance of deadlines and accuracy of records and brings comfort and reliability to small business owners. In her free time, she loves to watch TV, clean, cruise and go shopping.

Meet Jessica

Jessica, daughter of Cheryl, serves as the “Plus” side of the business. With a Bachelor’s in Accounting and over 18 years of experience, Jessica is confident and ready to handle more intensive financial needs. A married mother of 2, Jessica is energetic and ready to focus on you and your small business. She brings an accredited education and has held various financial positions from accountant to controller. She is eager to bring this level of experience and expertise to meet your company’s needs. She works hard and takes initiative. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her family and go wine tasting with her girlfriends.

How we do it.


Going beyond basic bookkeeping, Balanced Books Plus can help with additional accounting needs. From reviewing revenue to comparing your profit and loss statement we can jump in and tackle tasks and projects you may just need another set of eyes for. There are so many daunting and tedious tasks involved in your financials, don’t get overwhelmed, contact us for a free consultation today.


Let Balanced Books Plus handle your bookkeeping service to ensure that you and your employees are taken care of properly. Keep your employees happy and loyal with timely and accurate payroll services.  We will process all of your payroll information, and make sure all payroll taxes are paid, on time, based on your company’s individual needs. Contact Balanced Books Plus today and we’ll help you keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Money Management

Whether you have a family of two or ten, there are always unexpected expenses. When these times come, it is crucial to have an understanding of your assets and know where your money is going. Balanced Books Plus offers the best family money management service available in Sacramento and the surrounding area. We will consolidate all of your financial information into an easy-to-read monthly breakdown. At Balanced Books Plus, family comes first. If your family needs help organizing their finances and are interested in speaking to an accountant about the money management services we offer, please contact Balanced Books Plus today.

Sales Tax Returns

We offer sales tax returns preparation services for sole proprietorships and small businesses. Balanced Books Plus can assist in organizing and filing your sales tax return by monitoring due dates, compiling sales data,  and filing the proper forms in a timely manner to ensure you meet the deadlines every time. Contact Balanced Books Plus today to speak to an accountant.

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“Delegate the accounting stresses to us so you can get back to being the business owner you want to be”